Twisted Metal Works makes riding gear that is custom-fit to your personality. We offer a variety of styles for all types of riding. There is nothing that we can't do. Scott Schaefer, founder of Twisted Metal Works, has used this gear for years in all his events and will no longer ride with anything else. We promise that if you try Twisted Metal Works gear, you will love it!

Introducing the all new PROformance carbon fiber barrel stirrups.
Only weighs 3.9 ounces. Half the weight of aluminum and ten times stronger than steel.
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" I like these stirrups because they have great quality and you can customize them to what you want. I use them in the steerwrestling because they weigh more than a regular pair of stirrups, and you wont hang a foot! These stirrups are the best, I highly recommend them. Thanks," – Ty Brown

• Official Stirrups of the S BAR S Arena.
• Unique Awards
• Custom Designs

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